We need help! We need Volunteers! Can you do any of the following? Please contact us if you can.

Repair Front Porch – done! Still needs painting though…
Mow the Lawn
Clean up Flower Beds & Hedges
Replace Boards above house and sagging above entrance at Learning Center (Amethyst Room)
Power Wash Outside of House
Paint Porch
Repair Exterior Cords
Clean Gutters
Replace Filters
Sweep & Mop House
File Papers
Organize:  Paper Closet, Food Pantry, Garage & Amethyst Room
Sort and Organize Clothes
Upgrade computers in Learning Center (Amethyst Room)

Fix Dishwasher – done! We got a new one.
Fix Kitchen Faucet Рdone! We got a new one.
Paint Living Room – done
Repair Roof – done!